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Eating in itself is one phenomenal experience, isn’t it? But, not everyone who gobbles food down is a foodie, few people need a platter full of different varieties, others might stick to one dish throughout their entire meal. From people who eat to subsist to the picky eaters, and to the street food gobblers, there are many different species of humans when it comes to consumption of food. Let us explore 7 types of people that exist when it comes to eating.


7 Different Species Of Humans That Exist When It Comes To Eating


1. The Survivors

For this set of humans, food isn’t about experience but is bare essential for their survival. Gulping food down the food pipe is a crime, they wish there was some food pill which could save them from the awful experience of biting, chewing and then swallowing food. They will never value the efforts you put into cooking them a meal, they can gulp down the worst of food and even an uncooked chapati. Irritating isn’t it?


2. Anything Types – “Kuch Bhi Chalega”

Yes, you do know them, these people are unfussy about food but can be annoying sometimes. Every single time you ask them what they’d like to eat, the answer unvaryingly is, “anything will do“. Well, might sound great but sometimes irritating and makes you feel they don’t have any opinion of their own. Wonder, if such people ever have any particular cravings for food.


3. Choosy Eaters

Choosy or the picky eaters are not the ones who are allergic to food but are fussy. No matter how delicious the food served before them is, they are never impressed. They behave awfully judgy and are very cautious about experimenting with food. They are rude and never appreciate food, this can be quite hurting for the food lovers.


4. Occasional Non-Vegetarian

The On and Off meat eater, these people are confused fellows between being vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Most often they eat meat under the pressure of others, but is that really needed? For such people here is an advice, be a foodie by choice, if you like it, then go ahead and if you don’t, choose not to.


5. Street Food Maniac

One of the best people to be with, in fact, I feel every individual should have one street food maniac buddy. This is one typical foodie category who loves to eat on the go, especially on those local food carts. Food is about fun and experience to them; hence they always try anything that comes along their way.


6. Sweets Lover

Sweet lover or the desert fanatic are the ones born with a sweet tooth. These people are no less than a small kid, the moment they see sweets they get the same glow like the kids get when they see chocolates. Sweet lovers are truly sweet, be the traditional Indian sweets or those rich and creamy desserts they can eat all in one go.

7. Nagger

The nagger foodie will always nag. No one makes them happy, these people will always regret his/her meal decisions. And they will always complain about the amount of sugar and salt in a meal. These people always manage to find faults, in any good meal. Heaven knows what will satisfy their taste buds!


Eat On!!!!


Different species of humans when it comes to eating, these were few distinct categories, which one do you think you fall into? Let us know in the comment section below.