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Summer has arrived and so has the thirst to guzzle down cold drinks by your gallon, isn’t it? It’s that time of the year when our body badly needs some real flavorful hydration. But, before gulping down those unhealthy bottled beverages from the market, try stirring and squeezing up these drinks made from fresh seasonal fruits, spices, and herbs.


7 Refreshing Summer Drinks Perfect To Quench Your Thirst This Summer


Here is a list of 7 incredibly refreshing Indian coolers to celebrate the sun-kissed summery days.


refreshing summer drinks, summer drinks, summer drink recipes, summer cocktails, refreshing drinks


1. Desi Imli Water

The mere mention of tamarind makes anyone’s mouth water, isn’t it? This summer, do try out a glass full of tamarind juice to give your taste buds that much needed twist.  This Desi Imli Ka Paani is a perfect summer thirst quencher and helps in keeping you healthy and hydrated.


2. Tender Coconut Water

One miraculous natural and refreshing drink. Tender Coconut as we all know is chemical free, 100% natural and delicious health drink that not only quenches your thirst but is also fat-free and great for your body. It’s so much better than your regular sugary sodas and beer cans, don’t hesitate to grab one every day.


3. Shikanji

Shikanji is one of North India’s favorite summer lemonade with a twist. And who doesn’t like Nimboo Pani, as we call it? Very easy to make, delightful, and healthy, Shikanji is surely the drink you must devour during this summer season.


4. Spiced Buttermilk

Goes well with each and every meal keeps you well hydrated and helps with digestion too. Chaach as we call it, is low fat and one of the best thirst quenchers for the scorching summer months.


5. Lassi

Who doesn’t love this Punjabi Gem? Lassi, as we know, is one drink Punjabis cannot do without, apart from Punjab, this drink is equally loved across the country and even abroad. Just grab some curd and mix it up with sugar and its ready. You can make variations of it too, add some RoohAfza or Mango and see the magic.


6. Sugarcane Juice

This super-duper drink not only helps in beating sweltering heat but also keeps diseases at bay. Sugarcane juice or Ganne Ka Raas as many of us call it, gives you that boost of energy and also helps in keeping your body cool even when it’s all heated up outside.


7. Aam Panna

This tangy and tasty drink is one perfect summer thirst quencher. Sadly, it is available only during the summer season. Aam Panna is very easy to make and is totally perfect to beat the summer heat. Made from raw mangoes, this drink is tangy yet sweet. Make a bottle of this super delicious drink and store it in your refrigerator for the rest of the week.


Final Thoughts


Ditch those unhealthy aerated drinks, sodas and over sweetened bottled drinks and try making these desi thirst quenchers at home this summer. So, which of these drinks are you planning to try your hands on? Do you have favourites of your own? Tell us, in the comments section below.