Platinum Corporate Program:

The Colive Platinum Corporate Program is a unique opportunity for you to provide that sense of belonging and a great lifestyle upgrade to your employees. This thoughtfully personalized program is to not only make your employees feel at home but also provide them with amenities that are a cut above the rest. With this program, your employees can experience the co-living way of life with a vibrant community of amiable people who bond over interests and values.

At Colive, Corporates can experience a new way of living in busy metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.

Benefits to the company

Increased employee productivity

Reduced daily commute

Convenient work from home (WiFi)

Improved motivation & retentions

Enhanced brand image

Benefits to the employee

Upgraded lifestyle

Flexi tenures

Lower deposits

Community living

Maintenance-free fully-managed homes

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Offer your employees an upgraded lifestyle