What is Colive Scholarship Program?

Colive Scholarship Program is a unique initiative to support students from the underprivileged section of the society, who have excelled in their academics, to encourage them to perform the best in their education. The initiative is aimed at empowering the next-gen Z along with strengthening society.

With this program, students get to enjoy a comfortable stay without any hassle. The program has been thoughtfully planned to provide students coming from a financially weaker background but strong in their academics a comfortable place to stay and study.

Scholarships are available for first-year students and provide benefits up to INR 50,000.

Are you Eligible for the Scholarship?

Colive Scholarship Program is meant for all first-year students of the college/university who have excelled in their academics over the years. However, all students applying for the scholarship program shall meet the following touchstones:

  • The annual income of the family less than 6 lakhs per annum
  • Score in the mark sheet 60% or above in Class XIth
  • Statement of Purpose approved by the college authorities

*Terms and Conditions
  1. The scholarship does not cover food, laundry, and other expenses.
  2. Awarding of scholarship is at sole discretion of the company and subject to terms and conditions.
  3. 60% of the scholarship reservation will be provided based on the satement of purpose, 20% of the reservation will be alloted from a management quota and 20% will be alloted based on the finacial status.
  4. College agrees to promote Colive scholarship program via following mediums
    • Posters on notice boards
    • Emailers & Brochures
    • Part of Freshmen Handbook
    • Website

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