Why colive?

we are more than just a home

Coliving is the new way of living. At Colive we offer you more than just a home. We provid e a community that nurtures, encourages and assists in your personal and professional development.


Find  a  place that you are excited to call home! Rent fully furnished apartments & with luxury amenities and shared spaces at reasonable rates.


Be a part of an open, collaborative ecosystem that encourages your personal and professional growth. Join peers and likeminded people in their journey.


Find all your mundane tasks handled. Home bills, housekeeping and extra services are inclusive so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

What Do We Offer?

Fully furnished and comfortable homes that include your personal space and shared spaces. Bedroo m, b athroom, l iving, k itchen, amenities and entertainment are all part of one all-inclusive bill (rent + maintenance) that you pay each month. Facilities like housekeeping, electricity, high-speed w ifi internet , security, gas , cable are all taken care of. There are no hidden charges. The security deposit which is refundable on completion of the lease period is just two months of rent.

Who is CoLiving For ?

  • Coliving is for young millennials who have just moved into a new city and instead of liv ing alone they would rather live and spend time with like-minded millennials.

  • Coliving is for people who are fed up of putting up with greedy landlords, annoying roommates, high security deposit amounts and crazy rents.

  • Coliving is also for those who want to live well but do n o t want the hassles of running a house . They would rather pay one all-inclusive bill for the comfort & luxury of staying in a thriving environment .

  • Coliving is for people who want to enjoy the benefits of living in a community that understands you, encourages you and assists you in your personal growth and development.

You will Be getting a Call From our property advisor